Sinking into the sea

As I walk along the seashore, I look at the sea and wonder, what all it hides in its unexplored depth. If we try to find out, we will just keep sinking into its never ending depth. And then I realize isn’t our lives the same as sea, unexplored, unknown. We make plans for future, when we don’t know what is in store for us and if we try to find out, we will keep sinking inside just like the sea, but then this is how it is.

I walked few miles and I found a shiny little sea shell which I picked up like an excited child and opened it to my disappointment with no pearl inside. I was about to throw the shell when I saw another dirty ugly looking shell nearby, unintentionally I picked it up just to find a beautiful pearl inside to my very surprise. Then I laughed at the irony realizing isn’t that what we do every day. We run behind shiny objects missing the most beautiful things in life because it’s dirty or it’s not beautiful from outside or just because we wished for something different. And in this race we forget that the most beautiful things in life come in small packages and it might not be what we desire, but it sure is what is best for us.

I kept the sea shell along with the pearl in my bag and I continued walking feeling the cool breeze pressing against my bare skin. The sun was about to set spreading it’s light on the sea turning it red, birds were returning to their nest chirping happily, may be sharing their day with each other. And at that moment, I miss my family, my home, wondering is it worth it, running behind shiny things leaving our loved ones behind, planning for a better future when we don’t know what will happen the next second. Is it worth it, trying to explore the unknown, will I find something or will I just keep sinking in its depth? It sent a shiver down my spine thinking about the unimaginable and all I want to do is close my eyes and wishing that I open them in my home where I have my loved ones around meemo-girl-walking-beside-sea


26 thoughts on “Sinking into the sea

      1. Yes they do, for some of us, but you really have to want to learn them. Some people close their eyes. People like us can’t even when we would like to. Use your lessons learnt to propel you forward in a positive way. I have a feeling you will.

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      2. Anuja, perhaps when you have a moment go to my google+ site.(like on my I have a post about book smarts vs. street smarts. You seem very well educated to me and that is great but I would encourage you to get some street smarts. Read up about it though so you understand what I am talking about. I believe that will help you through life to have this balance.

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      3. I read your post on google+. Hands up for it I agree only bookish knowledge is not enough to survive in this world. We need to be smart on all fronts and thereby have a balance

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      4. absolutely. I want to write about balance because it is soooo important. You see I didn’t have balance. I didn’t have the formal book stuff and it has hurt my life. You can’t go without that either. Balance. You are very smart.

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      5. What I can tell from my experience that formal book stuff is not the ultimate source. As you have said & I agree too life experiences are the best teachers. They give you lessons that you won’t find in any book. And even if you missed your academics, no worries, it’s never too late to start reading novels, books and of course internet is always there 🙂
        And from your writing I can tell, you already do that. I really enjoy your writing.

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      6. Oh you sure are 🙂 The pleasure is all mine. The rules are quite simple, you can check out the link. I would love to read your blog regarding the same 🙂

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  1. Yes, it’s quite difficult to see positivity in tough times. Most of us simply drown in it;s negativity & get depressed, when we can actually rise much higher from our lowest point. As I always believe,
    “Hardships always prepare ordinary people for extraordinary journey”
    Thank you for your faith in me 🙂


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