Speak the truth even if your voice shakes, for truth always wins!!!

During my fight against my Ex-boss, I was scared a lot of times but I never lost faith for I know I was right. No matter whom I’m fighting against, no matter who supports him, I knew I was right. There was a time when the entire institute was standing against me, trying to save the accused just because he holds a higher position. They didn’t leave any stone upturned trying to find fault in me, so that they can save him. I feel so proud now when I think about it, they couldn’t find a single mistake or fault of mine based on which they could dismiss the case. My track record was so clean, they even poked their nose in my personal life in order to find a single point against me. They failed terribly, as my father always used to say, “Never fear anyone when you are true”.

They were forced to give decision in my favor, had to punish my ex-boss for the torture he made me go through for 9 months. Today the scenario is totally different. I have been transferred to another department and now I’m working under a very nice person who I respect as my boss and that guy couldn’t bear the insult and resigned.

Today, I don’t regret why it happened instead I feel proud as it made me a stronger and better person and strengthened my faith in truth.


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