Pain of my little sister

It brought tears to my eyes when I read this. My little sister has always been a happy girl, cheerful at all times. I never realized when did she grow up and has become so matured. We do share the pain but never knew how she felt behind the mask of smile that she always carries. Dear bloggers, kindly pray for our dad. We have shifted him to a better hospital & his speech therapy has started. Just wish him goodluck so that he recovers soon. We miss his intectuall discussions, his advices and his late night calls just to check we are doing good. We miss him.

I am the girl who will watch from far
With a thought in my mind of joining the crowd
She’ll stand and stand alone even when they surround her
And keep making notes in her mind the things she wants to do,the things she needs to say..
She would smile consciously thinking everybody’s watching her
She walks back with a diary in her hand and a watch around her wrist which she hardly looks at
They say she’s innocent and sweet
She feels the world doesn’t know the real her
She tries and tell, listen the reality differs
But then she thinks nobody cares
She likes to walk alone,nobody understands why
It gives her peace and the thought that nobody can take it away from her
Whether she should say it to them that we have more important things to do
Or rather she should just stay silent and enjoy the view
It is hard for her to look in the past when everybody beamed with happiness
When she used to have that usual grin on her face
Yes,she misses it..She misses it all
The time when she could just pose and get clicked flashing the most innocent smile
The pain sheers through her insides and it becomes unbearable to listen any more
They say it’ll pass and things will be like before
How to tell them she has no doubts
And her faith cannot be altered
Its just the faces of merry and joy that tears her heart apart
Fearing how long would she have to wait to see that again
Terrified at the thought of too long a wait
I am the girl who will tell all the tales
But would never dare to speak her heart out in real
I am the girl who is deceptive and would make u think she never hides
But like everyone she too has emotions fearful deep inside
She’ll wait,she’ll dream and she’ll walk away
Though not as easily as they say
It takes time, she knows
How long she has is still unknown
I am the girl who wants to be cheerful throughout the day
Who won’t let a single tear shed away
I am the girl who wants to see them smile when their eyes meet hers
Their happiness, their joy and their time
Things that are immeasurable to her
Things that she never wants to let go off
They should say look ,she is our butterfly
Like a butterfly, her fluttering wings, her colorful moves are spell bounding
Look how she dodges when you try to catch her
She is the slave of freedom you cannot get her
Yet she would want to stay near you and flutter her tiny wings with that cunning yet enchanting smile
You cannot look away she brings the life in you she is your freedom divine
I am the girl who would love to sit under a tree in the spring with a book in her hand
Hardly reading occupied by her own thoughts
She would want you to come and sit beside her and tell her she is the peace
And talk of places far away where you would want to go someday
I am  the girl who will never stay
She’ll keep moving with each passing day
The time you have with her is not too short
She will attend your every call
But do not ask her any questions why
Just have faith and let her fly
With her dreams,her fantasies ,her unending tales
And one day she will come to you
And tell you all her unfinished stories
Because I am the girl who is like the wind
Unseen, unheard, belonging to a distant land
If you get to see her,notice her,with you in front ,her head will forever bend!!


8 thoughts on “Pain of my little sister

  1. Dear Anuja (I hope it is alright with you that I call you Anuja, if it is not please tell me)
    My heart is with you. I am so sorry about your father and do definitely pray for him. I also pray for you and your sister. You are going through a great deal and encourage you to continue writing about your feelings so you can receive our love and support. You sound so brave and strong and I admire you. Best wishes Anuja.

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