Few kind words is all it takes

@nuja: Unleashing the mind of a crazy scientist

When it’s becomes a daily ritual supporting your family, especially your mom & that too from thousands of miles away then words fall short & you cannot hug her & you lose your patience sometimes, saying the same things every day. YES, I feel guilty for getting irritated & losing patience. And then I remember the times my mom supported me selflessly & patiently. I was a difficult child.

Her words of kindness warmed my heart, when I was feeling sad
She raised me up and took me in, of this I am so glad
She didn’t judge, look down on me, when I was feeling beat
Instead she showered me with love.

And now is my turn to give back the kind words that she once said to me. To tell her that she is not alone, that it’s ok not to be a mom sometimes & just be…

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