Heroes Behind the Mask

I salute Cass for her strength & optimism. You inspire a lot of people.


Filling in the questionnaire to join in your little “thing’ and your fight.

I am… 
Compassionate, Creative, Friendly, Hard Working, and Lovable

Look at your reflection and tell me something positive/beautiful that you see (AND, OWN IT)
I see big eyes with lots of dreams & a friendly cute face.

When I’m not at home, you can usually find me…
At work, working towards the cure of cancer.

I absolutely love…
Babies. They are so adorable, innocent & carefree.

One of my dreams is to…
Travel all round the world.

I have recently learnt that…
That you are capable of anything. Never doubt your inner-self.

My Dad’s illness has taught me to…
To cherish every moment you get with your loved ones, you never know when you will crave for them day & night..

I’d just like to thank…
My family for loving me wholeheartedly, my few friends for their support & encouragement, and my fellow bloggers for reading.

If I could offer myself a friendly reminder, it would be…
It would be Trish’s words, (http://10yearsasinglemom.com/), another amazing woman I met on wordpress 🙂

“You are strong & amazing, don’t you forget that ”

Set 5 little goals for yourself over the next few months…
– Utilize your time wisely to prove everyone wrong who doubted my potential
– Try all possible ways to make my dad better & back to normal
– Support my mom as much as possible & keep her going
– Spending more “me” time.
– Seeing friends and family more

When my dad is all good & joins his hospital back, the first thing I want to do is…
Cry my heart out but with joy & thanking every person who supported me during tough times.


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