Be Happy for no reason, like a Child

The innocence of a child keeps them free from all the worries and they enjoy themselves all the time which many adults can’t do. I met this little princess in the cancer foundation in our institute. She is suffering from a severe cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy but that doesn’t stop her from being happy. She was dancing, laughing and running around showing off her little pretty dress. I unknowingly touched her back where she was operated & she just looked a me with a pained expression. Her mother told me that she is in pain as recently her tumor has been operated. But it took her only few moments to be back to her chirpy self. When I look at her, it inspires me to do something for her well being and many other kids like her, who don’t even understand what is cancer, what is death & how important is life. They are happy in their own world. We can learn a lot from kids.

Working in a science field gives me the opportunity to do something, even a tiny bit will give me the satisfaction for life. I will never forget her smile and her innocence as she reminds me of my time. Though I was older than her when I was diagnosed with cancer but still I was just a young teenage girl who was more worried about losing her long hairs than losing her life. I can relate to this little girl, I was still happy as my parents were there, I knew they will set everything right so I don’t have to worry. The only worry then was, I soon had to join college & with no hair, what if I fall in love and that guy won’t love me back as I won’t be having hairs, what if everyone in college will make fun of me??? I was deeply saddened & depressed by this fact but once during my later stages of chemotherapy, a nurse told me,”You don’t need hairs to look beautiful, your eyes have the innocence of a child, that’s enough to make anyone fall in love with you” and hers words healed all my wounds. I believed her and today I can proudly say I’m a survivor. And when I saw a similar innocence in this little princess today, I was reminded of those days & I made a promise to myself, I will put my heart & soul working towards the cure of cancer. I may or may not find something but I’ll be happy to contribute whatever little is possible. And I also learned to be happy for no reason 🙂


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