So I’m not ordinary anymore

If anyone would have told me one year back what is going to happen in my life, I would have loudly said, “No, I can’t handle all this. I’m not a strong person”. But now as I have come through a long way past when it all started, I have come to realize the fact that circumstances prepare you for the worst and I have become a big believer of the word, “hope”- it keeps you moving. And as some one said, “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary journey.” Today I got the courage to pen down what I have gone through those times and is still going through as I feel I’m not ordinary anymore.

So it was an year and a month back on 6th of March, 2014 when our lives changed forever. My dad was going to a hospital for a surgery, rather I should say for performing a surgery as he is a doctor, when a young boy hit him with his pulsar bike carrying him on the front tyre for 2 feets before throwing him on the pavement of a roadside shop where he fell on his head. Hundreds of people gathered there taking pictures, gossiping careful enough not to come near him and help him. A person even stole his mobile phone taking advantage of the crowd. May be our family has done some good deeds that my dad’s friend was present there who immediately called ambulance and took him to hospital. My mom got call from my dad’s friend asking her to come to the hospital that is where my dad is posted whereas my mom lives with my brother in another city. He told my brother, I’m not sure whether you will be able to meet him or not when you reach here. He has lost too much blood. My little brother kept that to himself & told mom that dad is okay. By the time my mom and my brother reached the hospital, my dad’s treatment had already started and the first thing that doctors told my mom is that you are very lucky that he is alive taking into account the kind of injuries he has. We will be obliged to my dad’s friend throughout our life for taking him to hospital within time. He was conscious but was in ICU on sedatives as the pain was unbearable. He got a severe head injury, both the long bones of his left leg was broken and a minor right eye fracture.

I got the news 2 days later as I stay in another state, where I’m doing my PhD and my mom didn’t want me to panic. I took the first flight after getting the news and reached there. I vividly remember the scene I saw in ICU, my dad lying on the hospital bed covered with all tubes and drips and bandages. I couldn’t hold back my tears so I immediately ran from the ICU to the terrace of the hospital and cried my heart out. At that I moment I wanted to close my eyes expecting that everything that is happening will turn into a bad dream and I will wake up to a normal world. But as reality cannot be deceived, it was all so real and so unbearable. And our lives changed forever from thereon.


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